Keep up to date with our clinic programs and learn how to manage health issues and maintain good health.
  Detox Programs
Full body nutritional detoxing is an essential part of maintaining our internal health..
Therapeutic Massage and Sauna in one comfortable package.
  Massage Therapy  
  Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Salt Scrub for Detoxification.  


Resource Centre
  Please feel free to download our brochures and other information. All of the resouces on this page are also available in our clinic.

You will need Adobe Reader to view the resources. If you don't have the program you can download it from here.


  General Brochures    
  General Services Overview Download 75 kb
  Frequently Asked Questions & Facts Download 77 kb
  Vobrosaun Download 83 kb
  Ionic Foot Detox Coming Soon 55 kb
  Massage Therapy Download 86 kb
  Detox Programs    
  Detox Programs Overview Download 252 kb
  8 Day Tissue Cleanse Download 101 kb
  Inner Repair Program Download 476 kb
  General Detox Program Download 220 kb
  Detox Maintenance Program Download 274 kb
  Parasite Cleanse Download 278 kb
  Weight Management Programs    
  Weight Management Programs Overview Download 185 kb
  Other Information    
  Client Rewards Program Download  
  Why Do We Use Oxygen? Download 235 kb
  Townsend Letter to Doctors    
  Coloins by Thomas Dorman Download 116 kb
  Colonic Treatment Download 72 kb
  Activation Of The 4th Kidney And Beyond Download 86 kb
  Other Artcles    
  A Brief History of Colon Hydrotherapy Download 70 kb
  What Is Colon Hydrotherapy? Coming Soon  
  De Welles Method of Colon Hydrotherapy Download 76 kb
  Metagenics Booklets    
  Your Guide to Detox Download 362 kb
  Your Guide to Excercise Download 566 kb
  Your Guide to Immunity Download 567 kb
  Your Guide to Keto System Download 783 kb
  Your Guide to Managing Fatigue Download 699 kb
  Your Guide to Stress Management Download 312 kb
  Your Guide to Wellness Download 503 kb
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Detox Programs
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  Weight Management Programs

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