Keep up to date with our clinic programs and learn how to manage health issues and maintain good health.
  Detox Programs
Full body nutritional detoxing is an essential part of maintaining our internal health..
Therapeutic Massage and Sauna in one comfortable package.
  Massage Therapy  
  Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Salt Scrub for Detoxification.  

Privacy Statement

Oasis Colon Hydrotherapy is committed to the privacy of its clients and those making enquiries. We comply with the National Privacy Principals.

Any information including the recording of client health, email addresses, telephone numbers, etc. collected during a health consultation, via telephone, or from this website, or via any other means of communication, will be kept strictly confidential and will never be shared with any third party.

Oasis Colon Hydrotherapy maintains strict physical, electronic and managerial practices with regard to the security and privacy of data collection from clients and all other documentation related to client’s health records or enquiries.

If you should have any concerns regarding privacy and security please feel free to contact us.


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