Keep up to date with our clinic programs and learn how to manage health issues and maintain good health.
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Full body nutritional detoxing is an essential part of maintaining our internal health..
Therapeutic Massage and Sauna in one comfortable package.
  Massage Therapy  
  Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Salt Scrub for Detoxification.  

Indican Testing

We offer Indican Testing as part of our services. An Indican Test is also done when you begin one of our detox or weight management program. Via the test we can discover how underlying infections (Viral, Bacterial, Parasitic & Yeast), alcohol, drugs, sugars, allergies, radiation, deficiencies, poor digestion, poor diet, overeating and constipation are affecting your health.

Research has discovered that many of the diseases we contract are due to, or promoted by, bowel toxicity and the leaking of particles through our gut wall. This leakage is called ‘Leaky Gut Syndrome’ (LGS). Leaky Gut as well as bowel toxicity, can both be detected with the Indican Test. Our health and long-term wellness are extraordinarily dependent on the health of our gut. Correction of those factors which can cause LGS and bowel toxicity can be assisted by detox programs.

The procedure is very simple. We take a small sample of your urine, and your test results are available in minutes.

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