Keep up to date with our clinic programs and learn how to manage health issues and maintain good health.
Therapeutic Massage and Sauna in one comfortable package.
  Massage Therapy  
  Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Salt Scrub for Detoxification.  


Colon Hydrotherapy is a time proven and efficient method of detoxifying the body, quickly and safely.

Ensuring the health of our colon is the most important step in maintaining or regaining overall health. We must ensure that our colon is functioning correctly, otherwise other parts of our body are threatened. The condition of the colon can affect the whole of the body.

All health issues can be assisted by Colon Hydrotherapy. Some of the issues which our clients have benefited from with colon hydrotherapy treatments are . . Read more >

IMPORTANT: We have moved to our new location at
39 Martin Street Nerang

Detox Programs
  Depending on the client’s health condition and the condition of the client’s colon, we may recommend effective and simple detox programs which complement colon hydrotherapy treatments, and support the client in getting back to optimal health. Such programs are usually undergone during a series of colon hydrotherapy treatments. More >
  Weight Management Programs
  Our weight management programs are simple and unique. The programs work because they address the important principle of nutritional cleansing, whilst undergoing a series of colon hydrotherapy treatments. The programs are weight loss AND cleansing oriented. They are a common sense approach to losing weight at a steady pace by cleansing, lowering caloric intake, and increasing physical activity. Whatever program you undertake, you have a system that can help you to reach your health goals and your target weight.
More >

  We are a Health Care Assist Preferred Partner   We give 10% off single colonic treatments to seniors from all states
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